Thank you so much for inquiring about our volunteer programs. Where else can you go and have a great time with some great dogs but…..do it in the city of New Orleans! Before you make plans there are some things to consider. Because our facility and organization is connected to a TV show on Animal Planet, the public attention we receive can be overwhelming. For this reason we are limited to what the volunteers can do. This is not only for privacy reasons of our staff and cast but also safety reasons. All of our programs now have to be “monitored” by one of our regular VRC staff so we have to keep things somewhat structured. At this time we only have one volunteer program available. We get many requests for people coming into town on specific dates and want to volunteer on those specific dates also and unfortunately we don’t have the manpower to adhere to every personal request so we’ve set up The Nightwalkers program that does not require any scheduling or planning. You just show up.


Well its not quite as mysterious as it sounds but it is pretty cool. Like our Saturday program, you walk dogs. The difference in this one is that you go out in a “pack walk” or “group walk”. This program caters to our special needs dogs. These are dogs that do not do well out in the main kennel environment so we’ve set up indoor housing for them. For this reason, they need to go out more frequently with their last walk of the night being from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm…..no matter what the weather is! The walks go for about a mile and take you on various routes throughout the neighborhood. Okay…I have to admit….it does make you feel kinda cool as this big ole pack of dogs is walking down the street and people are honking and waving. This city loves its dogs! Because there are many distractions on this walk and it can get a little bit tiring, we don’t recommend small children for this. To get more information on this program, again email our coordinator Rita at: volunteer@vrcpitbull.com or simply stop by any night. Our “lead walkers” Jenny, Mandi, Bree or Elise will be there to take charge and get you started!


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